Fast food isn’t just burgers and fries; it also refers to the mass-production techniques frequently used to generate large amounts of beef in small amounts of time. While grain feeding may be popular, one company believes there’s a healthier, more natural way to raise cattle and serve the American public the steaks, brisket and ground beef it craves. On Modern Living with kathy ireland®, Victory Beef Owner Kelly Glazener, Consumer and Health Advocate Elizabeth Glazener and Professional MMA Competitor and Victory Beef Advocate Sunna “Tsunami” Rannveig Davidsdottir explain how Victory’s grass-fed, grass-finished cattle are challenging the stereotype that red meat has to be unhealthy.

Victory Beef only raises Kumamoto Red Wagyu/Kobe beef, eschewing grain diets, GMOs and steroids in favor of confinement-free facilities and natural grass feeding. The result is a superb, better-than-prime product that’s well-marbled, tender and incredibly tasty while helping to lower cholesterol, promote weight loss and mitigate the risk of coronary disease.