When everyday stresses start to feel unmanageable, finding a holistic way to manage strain and find a new sense of calm can greatly improve overall quality of life. On Modern Living with kathy ireland®, Madhu Deshmukh, Co-Founder of Béla Wellness Drinks, and Atul Agarwal, the company’s Founder and CEO, discuss how their herb-infused wellness drink supports the mind-body connection and encourages a more natural approach to healthy living.

Harmony in Hydration drinks are grounded in Ayurveda, an ancient practice known as the “science of life.” Each blend is thoughtfully concocted using a combination of herbs, antioxidants and minerals known for their abilities to boost immunity, encourage calm and help users achieve optimal hydration. The result of a collaboration between a yoga enthusiast and a trained chef, Béla beverages offer a way to enjoy the power of traditional Indian herbs while on the go.