Women spend an average of 55 minutes a day on hair and makeup, but one company is helping to cut that time down considerably while still producing aesthetically pleasing results. Biotouch® Marketing experts Chris Wenger and Liza Dalida, and Puerto Rico Distributor Selena Troja appear on Modern Living with kathy ireland® to discuss the many benefits of permanent makeup and why Biotouch® products are second to none.

Biotouch® is a multifaceted brand focused on helping clients feel and look their best. From microblading equipment to permanent makeup pigments to after care solutions and lashes, Biotouch®’s portfolio of products is designed to empower customers and equip beauty professionals with the best tools available today. Biotouch® also offers educational opportunities for students interested in specializing in permanent makeup. This comprehensive approach ensures makeup enthusiasts get the high-quality, expertly applied makeup they deserve while students are set up for long-term success.