Widespread mask requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic have put the spotlight on personal protective equipment like never before, but traditional cloth and paper masks can come with a number of disadvantages and discomforts. ViruShield Director of Marketing Rose Tafoya appears on Modern Living with kathy ireland® to discuss how their company’s reusable, transparent, strapless respiratory shield is making it easier for people to adhere to safety recommendations, address special needs, and embrace personal connection during a time it is needed most.

The see-through, strap-free design of ViruShield GHOST™ helps prevent the spread of respiratory droplets without obscuring the wearer’s face or relying on cumbersome ties. For individuals with claustrophobia or who are hearing impaired, the freedom that comes with ViruShield‘s revolutionary construction can be life changing! It’s yet another offering from a company dedicated to producing comfortable PPE that emphasizes protection without feeling overly restrictive — the perfect cloth mask alternative for front-line workers, customer service based industries, special needs specialists, and anyone else who wants to stay safe while still achieving successful communication.