Comfort, performance and sophistication don’t often coexist in the fashion world, but Up! Pants Montréal is changing how women build their wardrobe thanks to a line of flattering, comfortable pants that move wonderfully and look just as good. Up! Pants Designer and Creative Director Jacqueline Harris and International Brand Manager Mara Krainer appear on Modern Living with kathy ireland® to discuss their brand’s newest line and how beating the “top-button challenge” can change how women look and feel throughout the day.

At the very heart of Up! Pants is their proprietary THINCREDIBLE FABRIC™ that stretches when it needs to, yet still provides support and flatters each wearer to best suit their unique attributes. Add functionality a fun and chic line-up of patterns and Up! Pants has something for every shape, size and aesthetic. This forward-thinking approach to fashion is propelling the brand to the next echelon of success, with new growth into markets in the UK and Europe.