There have been many strides in the jewelry industry in terms of overall aesthetics and customization, but one forward-thinking product also addresses a third crucial factor: functionality. On Modern Living with kathy ireland®, Celestial Clasp CEO & Founder Maria Gibbs discusses her motivation for creating her company’s innovative unisex clasp that helps wearers put on and take off their bracelets, necklaces and anklets in just seconds.

The Cinch Clasp is a unisex product that makes frustrating lobster claw-style closures look positively ancient. Unlike magnetic clasps, the Cinch uses a simple click mechanism that’s infinitely more secure, and it’s available in multiple metals to suit every style. For fashion-conscious consumers who love wearing jewelry but can’t navigate traditional clasps due to impaired mobility, long nails or other concerns, Celestial Clasp offers an affordable, adaptable solution that looks great, works phenomenally and is compatible with a wide range of pieces.