The coffee and tea market is crowded, but one company is standing out not only because of what they include in their brews, but because of what they omit. Tejava‘s Director of Marketing Lorna Oshiro, Vice President of Operations Josh Butt, and Director of Research & Development Mohammed Hussain appear on Modern Living with kathy ireland® to discuss the difference between most mass-produced teas and the sustainable, thoughtfully grown and harvested leaves that go into their irresistibly delicious products.

Tejava’s award-winning teas start in Java, Indonesia, where leaves are cultivated and picked before being brought to California. There are no GMO ingredients, added sugars, preservatives or acids, resulting in a pure, bold and complex tea so smooth it doesn’t need any sweeteners or additives to dull the taste. From its ready-to-drink teas to bags and pods ideal for brewing at home, Tejava proves that finding a healthier alternative to soda doesn’t have to mean abandoning flavor.