There is no substitute for an active imagination combined with raw talent, but having the right tools can make artistic expression that much easier. On Modern Living with kathy ireland®, Royal Talens CEO Ronald Benning and VP of Sales & Marketing Kyle Richardson discuss the importance of high-quality art supplies and how their company is bringing essential materials and arts education to the people who crave them most.

Royal Talens currently offers their catalog in more than 100 countries, delivering the very best watercolors, oil pastels, acrylics, easels, brushes, canvases and so much more to artists across the globe. As a company, Royal Talens seeks to nurture creativity and encourage artistic expression in everyone from the youngest newcomer to experienced professionals. Through smart partnerships, extensive corporate social responsibility programs, ongoing sustainability efforts and their commitment to the community, Royal Talens is empowering artists and improving their well-being to help create a better world through art.