Digestive disorders are far from uncommon, but one company believes that mindful eating can be delicious and beneficial to your gut health. Kellie Lee, founder and CEO of Rowdy Bars, appears on Modern Living with kathy ireland® to share how a combination of powerful superfoods, natural sweeteners and prebiotics can tackle gastric disturbances where they often start: in the microbiome.

Rowdy Bar is the brainchild of Kellie Lee, an outdoor enthusiast and triathlete who struggled to balance an active lifestyle with limitations due to hypothyroidism and digestive discomfort. After extensive research, Lee discovered yacon root, and a new approach to healthy, clean eating was born. Today, her company is proud to offer a portable, nutritious source of protein full of quality ingredients that promote sustained energy and overall health. Perhaps best of all, the bars have a reputation for full, satisfying flavor, giving ultrarunners and aspiring athletes alike a way to reach their goals without sacrificing their desire for good food.