Proper hydration isn’t just about consuming large amounts a water but rather ensuring the body is in balance and given a steady supply of the nutrients it needs to power through a laundry list of daily functions. REFIX Principal and Owner Mario Nova, and Stafford Slick, an AVP pro beach volleyball player, appear on Modern Living with kathy ireland® to explain how this natural, hydrating and sustainable recovery drink beats out the competition by using Galician seawater to infuse their beverage with a health-boosting blend of minerals and electrolytes.

Galician seawater is sourced from a protected zone near Costa da Morte, Spain. Add to that spring water from nearby Lugo, 100% natural Spanish lemon juice and a touch of stevia for sweetness, and the result is a recovery drink that’s helping everyone from busy moms to elite athletes chance how they view daily recharging efforts as well as post-competition full-body recovery.