From our computers to our kitchen appliances to our lights and fans, countless things in our homes are powered by electricity. But which of those devices can cause “dirty electricity,” and what impact does that type of air pollution have on your health and well-being? Dave Stetzer, Founder and Owner of Stetzer Electric, appears on Modern Living with kathy ireland® to discuss how his company’s STETZERiZER® Filter can help mitigate dirty electricity and make modern homes safer for all inhabitants.

Certain conditions such as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia have no clear-cut causes, but the symptoms of those disorders appear to mimic the symptoms of radio wave sickness. Stetzer Electric seeks to help alleviate those and other similar disorders through a user-friendly filtration system that plugs directly into a wall outlet. By installing these filters in homes, schools, and businesses, consumers can see the current level of high-frequency pollutants and remove or even reduce them for safer, healthier surroundings.