On Modern Living with kathy ireland®, Caterina Jewelry Founder and Principal Lara Korhammer and Founder and CEO/Designer Cathy Barouch highlight their brand’s unique selling points, including a cutting-edge solution to a pesky problem. For women who regularly struggle with opening their charm bracelets, there’s a tool called the Charm Opener® that provides safe, easy access to treasured charms.

In addition to their time-saving Charm Opener, the team at Caterina Jewelry is also known for their breathtaking ready-to-wear line of sterling silver charms that are elegant, wearable and affordable. Pieces are designed to match an array of moods and personal aesthetics, giving consumers the option to purchase pieces for a special event such as a gala or wedding or select a signature piece that’s suitable for everyday wear. From classic bangles to stacked rings that are as playful as they are eye-catching, Caterina Jewelry gives jewelry lovers exciting new ways to indulge their passion for fashion.