When life gets busy, our spaces tend to get more and more cluttered, making it difficult to find important items and enjoy our surroundings. Tidy Hook CEO and Partner Christopher Guerrera, and President and Founder Vernon Nolan appear on Modern Living with kathy ireland® to discuss how their smart organizational solution is helping consumers clean up their act.

The Tidy Hook is a storage-boosting apparatus that includes a hanger base and two hooks. The unique design is easy to slip over everything from cabinet handles to closet rods to camper attachments, ensuring there’s always enough room to stow garbage or hold essentials at home, at work or while on vacation. Tidy Hook Auto, the newest addition to the brand’s line, brings the same convenient setup to vehicles. The hook installs in mere seconds and comes with two reusable bags ready to keep key items handy and get automobiles one step closer to being totally mess free.