Bees play a crucial role in global agriculture, but these tiny pollinators can easily be wiped out unless they’re protected. Derek Condit, co-founder of Cosmic Reality Shungite Beehives, appears on Modern Living with kathy ireland® to discuss the importance of protecting beehives from the dangers of colony collapse. Two major risk factors include EMF waves and WiFi, both of which are considered “non-bio compatible” and can contribute to unhealthy, toxic environments that prevent bees from thriving.

Shungite Beehives are coated in paint containing a miracle mineral found in only one place on the planet: Karelia, Russia. That mineral, called shungite, contains a special soccer ball-shaped molecule brought to earth via asteroids and uniquely capable of blocking EMF signals and other forms of environmental radiation. The same compound used by scientists to treat nuclear radiation and clarify drinking water can help save the world’s priceless bee population, preserving key crops with zero need for toxic chemicals or other risky treatments.