Pets are more than mere possessions; they’re an important part of our families, making their happiness and health a top priority. On Modern Living with kathy ireland®, Brian Murphy, Co-Founder of PetJoy, shares a look at his company’s thoughtfully crafted line of pet supplements and how these unique formulations offer a safe, smart and delicious way for pets to feel and look their best.

While some brands lean heavily on byproducts to create their pet food and supplements, PetJoy uses human-grade ingredients in combinations recommended and approved by veterinarians. The end result is a safe, effective treat that’s toxin-free and appeals to pets’ palates. Whether in search of something to improve their dog’s daily health or hoping for a way to mitigate their cat’s joint issues, PetJoy consumers have access to supplements they can trust in flavors their favorite four-legged friends will enjoy.