Energy is powerful, especially when you’re in search of new ways to communicate with loved ones and understand yourself. On Modern Living with kathy ireland®, New Spiritual Horizons‘ Spiritual Consultants discuss how people can facilitate their own growth and find new levels of fulfillment by looking within to identify and capitalize on their unique attributes.

New Spiritual Horizons is a development program focused on helping participants live an abundant, purposeful life full of joy and enthusiasm. New Spiritual Horizons eschews quick fixes in favor of empowerment, clear processes and steady, practical growth. Through personal reflection and thoughtful guidance, individuals are able to heal and tap into their inner wisdom. Options include a core program to release limitations and awaken the “authentic you”, a seminar series to expand your understanding of self and purpose for being and submersion workshops that roll twelve weekly sessions and nine seminars into one healing, insightful, love-filled package.