Though chemotherapy is prized for its ability to help cancer patients beat the disease and live happier, healthier lives, the treatment often comes with disabling side effects that can cause lingering cognitive and physical issues. The ChemoBrain Co. President & Co-Founder David Salo and Vice President & Co-Founder Michele Salo appear on Modern Living with kathy ireland® to share how their nutritional supplement can help cancer patients boost their health, support the healing process and fight dreaded “chemo brain.”

The ChemoBrain Co.’s star supplement is a three-product regiment that focuses not only on brain health but also gastrointestinal and vascular concerns. The special blend includes key ingredients like a proprietary broad-spectrum micronutrient, prebiotics, probiotics, amino sugars, antioxidants and more, all coming together to nourish the body and help repair the mind. At ChemoBrain, trust is key; every product is based on pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and undergoes extensive testing to ensure the highest level of quality and safety.