Stores are full of skincare products packed with ingredients you can’t pronounce and overflowing with compounds that can be harsh or drying, but one company is dedicated to changing how we take care of the body’s largest organ. Lisa Hall, founder of Experience Ancient Seas, appears on Modern Living with kathy ireland® to share her passion for organic skincare that takes advantage of botanicals and other food-grade ingredients found right in nature.

Experience Ancient Seas takes skincare back to its purest form using formulas infused with 84 trace minerals designed to detoxify and moisturize. These elements nourish your skin without subjecting it to fillers, anti-caking additives, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfates or other synthetics. The result is a line of luxurious, effective and softly aromatic mineral soaks, oils, scrubs, mists and more that are made to penetrate deeply and give users the smooth, supple, glowing skin they’ve always wanted.