For sleep apnea sufferers, bedtime often means wrestling with a cumbersome machine that often leaks and chafes, leading many people to skip the mask and put their health at risk. One company is flipping the script with a new product designed with both comfort and efficacy in mind. Naturs Design CEO Bob Rutan and Debbie Rutan, the first user of Naturs Design’s innovative RemZzzs CPAP mask liner, appear on Modern Living with kathy ireland® to discuss how this cutting-edge alternative to traditional CPAP machines is giving people the rest they deserve.

RemZzzs is built to reduce or even eliminate air leaks while being gentler on the user’s skin. The result is fewer issue injuries and less disruptions overall, so those with sleep apnea can better adhere to their doctor’s sleep aid recommendations while also using the face products they prefer and no longer disturbing their partner’s sleep.